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Titel: Repertory of the Lacs

Autor: Patricia Hatherly

Inhalt: Repertorium

Lizenz: Digital für Complete Dynamics

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Titel: Repertory of the Lacs

Autor: Patricia Hatherly

Inhalt: Repertorium

Lizenz: Digital für Complete Dynamics

The following introductory text about the Repertory of the Lacs, has been provided by the author, Patricia Hatherly.

About the Repertory of the Lacs

After having collaborated with Nancy Herrick during the writing of my book, The Lacs: A Materia Medica & Repertory, I was pleased to have her describe the materia medica section as having an “impressive attention to detail“. The repertory was also accorded a recommendation by Roger van Zandvoort who acknowledged that the work would be “helpful for finding the right remedy for a patient when a Lac is being considered, a much easier task.”

Since its publication the book has consistently been lauded by reviewers with comments such as:”This is a monumental book … a priceless work … an indispensable volume.

Francis Treuherz, Links 24(10) 2011

The Lacs: A Materia Medica & Repertory is currently the definitive reference for milk remedies; as such it is, in my opinion, a must addition to all practicing homeopaths’ libraries.

George Guess, AJHM Summer 2012 Volume 105 Number 2; 93-94

Hatherly’s book is a doorway into understanding milk energies as expressed through different mammalian experiences in our world, and is the single best resource for understanding these essential remedies. Useful as a reference, yet accessible with casual reading, The Lacs: A Materia Medica and Repertory is a fun, stimulating and thorough exploration of the milk remedies. With almost effortless reading it builds a solid foundation for identifying and successfully implementing these essential remedies in practice.

David Johnson, Hpathy E-zine, August, 2014

Due to collaboration with Eduard van Grinsven, you now have the ability to make use of the repertory as part of the Complete Dynamics software with all rubrics now graded and the addition of two more milk remedies (that of the sheep and the Sri Lankan elephant), thereby bringing the total number of Lacs now thoroughly searchable for repertorisation, up to twenty two.

Patricia Hatherly, 2016


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